Juan Garcia-Herreros

Bass Guitar

Juan García-Herreros, also known by his indigenous name “Snow Owl,” is a Latin Grammy®-nominated composer, producer, and bassist. His exceptional musicality and artistic abilities have taken him to stages across the world, where he collaborates with multiple Grammy® and Oscar®-winning artists. In 2021, he was a featured soloist in Hans Zimmer’s “Dune” soundtrack, which won an Oscar®, a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe Award. Hans’ rebellious requests for the follow-up soundtrack, “Dune: Part Two”, further inspired Snow Owl’s unique depth of sonic bass design for the score. In 2022, Juan was invited to be a part of the Hans Zimmer Live band. Snow Owl serves as the creative director of Totem Warriors, a sound collective producing soundtracks for video games and film.

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© Frank Embacher
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