Lebo M.


Lebohang “Lebo M” Morake is a South African singer, performer, producer and composer most famous for arranging and performing music for The Lion King movies and stage productions. Lebo M went on to co-produce, co-write and perform numerous film soundtracks with Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith and James Newton Howard to name just a few. As a performer, Lebo M has featured as special guest on ALL Hans Zimmer Live World Tours. Lebo M has also special guest appeared in other Live concert events including HAVASI and Hollywood in Vienna special concert events. Lebo M later produced The Lion King Broadway Production South Africa on its home coming African continent presentation. This was followed by Lebo M executive producing and composing the FIFA 2010 World Cup Opening and closing ceremonies in South Africa. With the success of the Disney Animation feature released originally in 1994 The Lion King, Disney records released a Lebo M fi­rst solo album, Rhythm of the Pride Lands which included new additional compositions by Lebo M. The album went on to multi platinum status, who’s songs written by Lebo M inspired The Lion King Broadway director Ms. Julie Taymor to commit to directing The Lion King Broadway Productions. Known the world-over as ‘The Voice and Spirit of The Lion King’. LEBO M’s songs became the classic songs now recognised by no less than 90 million fans around theworld songs such as; HE LIVES IN YOU, SHADOWLANDS, ENDLESS NIGHT and ONE BY ONE to name a few. He also contributed to the ­lm’s direct-to-video sequel The LionKing II: Simba’s Pride. Highlights of Lebo M’s achievements include: Performing, composing, producing and winning a Grammy for the music of The Lion King which has graced over 85 million audiences worldwide, and generated profi­ts of over $10 billion. Performing, composing, producing music for feature films such as, The Lion King & Return To Pride Rock, The Power of One, Dinosaur, Back On The Block – The Life of Quincy Jones, Congo, Long Nights Journey Into Day,Blended, Tears Of The Sun and The Legend Of Tarzan.

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© Joe Eley
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