Rusanda Panfili

Solo Violin

Rusanda Panfili, a Moldovan/Romanian violinist, embarked on her musical journey in Bucharest, Romania. Remarkably, at the age of 11, she garnered acclaim for her exceptional talent, becoming one of the youngest students at the Conservatory of Music in Vienna, Austria. It was during her pursuit of a Master’s degree in classical violin that she discovered her passion for a diverse array of music genres. Throughout her career, Panfili has graced the stage with esteemed orchestras including the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Sonderborg Symphony, Weimarer Staatskapelle, and the Jerusalem Symphony. Her collaborations span a wide spectrum of celebrated artists, ranging from Andrea Bocelli, Lisa Gerard, Tina Guo, and Woraklsto Igudesman & Joo, Valentina Nafornita, The Aristocrats, and Carlos Raffael Rivera. Noteworthy among her many artistic partnerships is her association with film music composer Hans Zimmer. She has served as the first violinist in Zimmer’s global tours “Hans Zimmer Live” and “The World of Hans Zimmer.” Furthermore, she has contributed to Zimmer’s scores for films such as “Boss Baby 2,” “The Son,” and “Army of Thieves.” In addition to her live performances, Panfili has released several albums, including the world music edition” Panfili & Friends: Primul,” and her experimental electronic music collection of original compositions, titled “ANDARA1980”. Her upcoming album, “LIBERTANGO,” is scheduled for release in Fall 2024.

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© Frank Embacher
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